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Municipal Resources

  • ​BC's Climate Action Charter formed in 2007,  is a voluntary agreement between the B.C. government, Union of BC Municipalities and each local government signatory to take action on climate change.


  • You will find a database of effective tools appropriate for different local government targets, time-frames and budgets BC Climate Action's Toolkit.

  • Connect here with Inspiring Climate Action BC, a project intended to build British Columbia’s capacity to adapt to climate change by providing working professionals with education, training and networking opportunities. 

  • The Community Research Connections, a consortium of research dedicated to sustainable futures of Canadian communities, provides access to studies and initiatives including MC3-Meeting the Climate Change Challenge.


  • You can find examples of local community climate action plans for Kelowna, one under development for Kamloops, and the draft plan for Vernon.


  • Read about Metro Vancouver's Climate 2050, a comprehensive strategy developed for the region to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The link includes other great resources.

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