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Resources for Business

  • BC Green Business identifies practical and affordable ways for businesses to take climate action. From reducing your environmental impact to enhancing your social initiatives, they provide individual ways for businesses to help the planet, people, and community. They offer a sustainability certification process for all types of business sectors in BC.

  • Retooling for Climate Change is a project of the Fraser Basin Council with a focus on social, economic and environmental resilience to climate change in British Columbia. This site has a broad range of resources for everyone, from Indigenous governments and organizations, local municipalities, the public sector, industries and businesses, to individuals. 

  • The BC Government sponsored Climate Solutions Council supports and advises on approaches to climate action that drives down emissions, increases economic opportunities and improves community resilience.


  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has information for business sectors in areas like agriculture, forestry, and tourism, on the potential impacts of climate change and adaptive capacity strategies that might be implemented. 


  • ​The Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) provides businesses with the tools to both understand and address climate change, making their operations and supply chains energy efficient and more sustainable.


  • This BC Business op-ed provides compelling reasons why businesses should be looking toward the future and how they can become leaders in climate action. 


  • YouMatter.World, an environmental and climate organization, outlines 10 actions that companies can do to fight climate change.

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