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Shuswap Climate Action

Shuswap Climate Action was conceived in the fall of 2019 after a federal election in Canada when climate and the environment were top election issues. Greta Thunberg and the 2019 climate strikes being held globally inspired by her, were in the media headlines. Some concerned citizens in the North Okanagan and Shuswap (Salmon Arm) area of British Columbia wanted to keep the momentum going, so we came together to begin planning events and projects to keep the issue before the public. But more than that, the group wanted to educate and support climate action at the local level in the community as well as with the provincial and federal governments. In spite of COVID-19 restrictions, we have several initiatives underway and have held may events. Our website is intended to provide educational information and community support for all things climate-related with a focus on regional issues and concerns.


Please feel free to contact us shuswap.climate@telus.net to let us know what you think, sign up for our newsletter on our website, follow us on Facebook, and Instagram, share your ideas and find out more about what climate change may look like in our region and your community. Our articles and resources pages offer what experts are saying on climate science, what local residents and governments are doing to address climate change, and provide tips on what you personally can do in the face of climate change.

Our Sister Organizations

Armstrong/Spallumcheen Climate Action

City of Armstrong evening overview.jpg

The beautiful City of Armstrong, BC in the North Okanagan.

Do you feel anxious about the record-breaking heat, raging fires and oppressive smoke we suffered this summer? Do events around the world that forewarn of intensifying climate catastrophes scare you? Do you feel helpless to do anything about it?

We did too. So, we started a group to turn those feelings of helplessness and hopelessness into action. We have joined forces with another non-profit, community sister organization Shuswap Climate Action, to form Armstrong/Spallumcheen Climate Action.

We are a group of concerned, compassionate, fun people who want to affect change to mitigate (reduce our emissions) and prepare for (adapt to) climate change both locally and globally. Working together collaboratively, we appreciate input from all members. Through group discussions we focus on a few topics and decide what specific actions we can take. New ideas are welcome. Do you have a vision? An idea? In this group you can step up and organize events and work on matters that are important to you.


The group facilitator, Mikaela Cannon, co-ordinates meetings and ensures each person’s voice is heard. If you want more information and/or details of our next event/meeting, contact: Mikaela Cannon, email: mikicannon@gmail.com

Chase Environmental Action Group

Chase Environmental Action Group (CEAG) was established in the Spring of 2019, after some of us attended David Suzuki’s “Beyond Climate” film tour. Watching the 45 minute film was a stark reminder of what we had already experienced and witnessed out our windows and on the news for years. We are a group of individuals who have made the decision to devote time to local and global environmental issues. 

The work we do is challenging and daunting at times, particularly when we’re trying to change the current status quo. But we have hope….hope that we will be able to reverse current trends and ensure a sustainable future for our grandchildren, and subsequent generations on this planet.


Therefore, we work alongside other groups that include Shuswap Climate Action (SCA) in Salmon Arm and area, Future Ground Network-David Suzuki Foundation and West Coast Environmental Action Network (WE-CAN)  in the Lower Mainland. We interact with local governments and the public to promote viable practices that encourage and support a healthy biodiversity in our community.  Globally, we collaborate with organizations to promote awareness and solutions to climate related issues. It is ultimately our goal to play a small but significant role in the current trajectory of the planet.

The group meets once a month for meetings, either in person or on Zoom, and all are welcome to attend to share ideas and/or to participate in projects.  For more information, please contact coordinator Angie McLaren at  chaseenvironmentalactiongroup@gmail.com or check us out on our Facebook page by the same name.

Chase Pic.JPG

The picturesque Village of Chase is located at the outlet of Little Shuswap Lake.