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The Myths About Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

RNG Pic Conservation Law .png

The Conservation Law Foundation lays out why RNG is not a climate solution, a common myth used by industry to delay the phase out of fossil gas.  

Here's an info leaflet shared from the First Things First Okanagan website that explains how RNG is being used by the oil and gas industry to hoodwink the public.  

(Image credit: Conservation Law Foundation)

Send a Letter to David Eby - End Fracking in BC!

Fracking Concerns Diagram.png

We are in a race to save our planet, but the BC government continues to approve LNG projects, subsidize the fossil fuel industry and promote LNG production, pipelines and export. This presents a risk to communities already reeling from climate disasters, tramples Indigenous sovereign rights and ensures we won't reach BC's emission reduction goals. 

Send a letter to Premier Eby asking him to phase out and ban fracking in BC. Click the buttons below to find all the information and letter writing instructions you need, as well as a pre-written letter template that you may tailor and send to Premier Eby.  

The link below takes you to the background information you need to understand why your voice needs to be heard by the Premier of BC

If you wish to create your own letter, clink the link below for all the instructions you need to write a letter to the Premier of BC

We also have an easy-to-use MSWord document template that you can download, tailor and send to our Premier.

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